Mohsen Shojaee Far

CEO at SIMBIM Solutions (GRAPHISOFT ArchiCenter)

Vice-president of PhD Network Committee at European Real Estate Society (ERES)

Architect, Urban Designer, Brownfield Regeneration Specialist, BIM expert

Mohsen S. Far is co-founder and CEO of SIMBIM Solutions, which is one of the first pioneering and innovative BIM consultancy firms in Spain. In September 2013, SIMBIM as an innovative startup project received certificate of feasibility from municipality of Barcelona (Barcelona Activa) by means of innovative and creative business model, identified target, and core business expertise. In 2014, his team and corresponding company (SIMBIM) selected as part of smart Catalonia by government of Catalonia that enabled SIMBIM to represent creative BIM solutions to AEC industry through smart city expo 2014. To enable the most potential tool into industry, SIMBIM proudly represents and distributes products of GRAPHISOFT (the pioneering BIM software developer company since 1984) at north east region of Spain, which enables Mr. Far to lead an innovative and smart team of young BIM consultants to promote the real sense of OPEN-BIM implementation into industry. Starting from 2015, he also collaborates with BIM Comission at Ministry of Public Work and Transportation of Spain (ministrio de fomento), throughout his contribution in 3 working groups (strategy, people, process) of the commission on behalf of his firm and team. Relatively during his professional activities in 2015 and under his leadership, SIMBIM became official local partner of Smart City Expo World Congress, which is currently responsible to organize BIMCITY plaza event at annual World Congress and Expo. Parallel to his professional activities, currently he is also vice-president of PhD Network Committee at European Real Estate Society (ERES). 

Mr. Far holds  a bachelor degree in Architecture, Master of Science in Urban Design, and currently he is a PhD Candidate in Center of Land Policy & Valuations (CPSV) at Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC). Being in academic environment and integrating knowledge into profession is a manifest of his professional agenda that enabled him to participate in many professional design and business competitions, exhibitions, conferences, & receiving awards and scholarships. Considering all together, the main accomplishment in his life would be realizing the main sense of partnership and collaboration with others to unlock the abilities and possibilities.

Since early stage of BIM development into AEC industry, in 2000, he focused on BIM technology to address the needs of architecture and planning challenges, and currently he is leading investigations on integration possibilities of City Information Modeling and Urban Interventions throughout BIM solutions such as development of methodologies for life cycle cost analysis for determining accurate investment values in urban projects. Correspondingly, around 15 years of dealing with BIM integrated architectural and urban design projects granted him the seniority level as BIM expert in AEC industry and design practices. He concentrates all his efforts to lead SIMBIM to accelerate BIM solutions into public and private sectors to address the nD operations in AEC industry. He is always searching for new challenges and focusing on issues that are usually hidden from the surface. Being critical and being able to determine the gaps in knowledge and profession are his main abilities as hacking a system. Similarly in his academic activities, he is focusing on methodological developments to deal with abandoned properties in conflict zones, where usually normative approaches historically failed.

Correspondingly, his conceptual manifest in his professional life is contribution to science and policies for increasing quality of life, particularly in developing countries.